CELL was created in collaboration between Little Cauliflower and Smoking Apples.

Dogfish have now replaced Little Cauiflower as the 2nd producing partner:

Smoking Apples are an award-winning puppetry and visual theatre company that more often than not, works with difficult, hard-to-digest subject matter. They create innovative shows, making their subjects enjoyable and accessible for audiences, combining puppets, live actors and a unique style of movement.


Since creating CELL, Smoking Apples have developed a new show, In Our Hands, that has garnered 5 star critical acclaim, played to sold out audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016 and toured the UK and Europe. Most recently, the company have started work on a new show, Flux. This show explores radioactivity and Nuclear science, looking specifically at the female perspective and for the first time, will have an all female cast. Flux will premiere in Spring 2018.

Dogfish was founded by director William Aubrey Jones (formally Little Cauliflower) to made aesthetically curious, design led theatre with performers made from latex, chopped foam and plywood.


Dogfish are currently working on a puppet cabaret show premiering in February 2016 and an adaptation of a childrens classic for Christmas 2016.

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